The Nutritional Value of Banana and Its Benefits to Your Diet

Some people who are in diet normally prefer banana as a replacement of rice on other carbs. However, some experts argue that banana is actually not good for losing weight since it has more calories and sugar than other fruits. On the other side, banana also has the other nutritional value such as vitamins and some great source of energy.

Well, you have to see some nutritional value of banana here if you are really banana lovers.

The Detail Facts of Banana Nutritional Value

1. Carbohydrates

Yes. Banana does have carbohydrates in it although you think it replaces other carbohydrates when you have it in diet. The amount depends on the size. Generally, one large banana comes with 31 grams pure carbohydrate, 17 grams of sugar, 121 cal and 3.5 grams. 
So, if you still want bananas for your low-carb diet, you should have it in smaller amount such as mixing it into your freezing smoothies.

Nutritional Value of Banana

2. Sugar and the Glycemic Value

A banana has 14 grams of sugar, but banana converts the starch into sugar when they ripen. Therefore, although it has more sugar, it is considered as a low-glycemic fruit. Be aware of your sugar intake when you eat bananas. The riper they are, the more sugar you will get.

3. Other Nutritional Value of Banana

Comparing to other fruits, banana has higher calories so that it is very good for an energy booster. Banana also has a great value of healthy potassium, fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C and fiber. 
Among those nutritions, vitamin C takes a key role for repairing tissue for the wounds heal. It is also good for teeth, bones, skin, muscles and blood vessels. 

While fiber, of course, is good for keeping you feel full longer which is good for your diet. One more thing, banana starch helps your colon keep healthy due to its good bacteria.

Back to the earlier hypothesis: Is banana bad for a weight loss? Well, due to its high sugar and calories, you can have bananas in your diet in smaller amount. Control the portion and count the value especially the sugar and the calories.

Since it has creamy consistency, it is best to mix with other blended foods. For losing weight, mix or slice half of a banana to your smoothie instead of yogurt or ice cream. 

The Nutritional Value of Banana and Its Benefits to Your Diet

Finally, every fresh food is actually healthy. It depends on how much you take them. Portion control does matter for dieters regardless of the food they eat.

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