How Many Carbs in A Banana and Its Impact to Your Health

Banana is considered one of the healthiest foods which are rich with many nutritious minerals, vitamins, fiber, starch, sugar, and potassium. It can be a healthy snack which can make you full longer during your hectic day. Just peel the skin and enjoy, which is easier than having a small and expensive dietary snack.

A banana has 30 grams of carbs and 110 calories. It helps you to overcome your hunger when you have not enough time for a meal. But actually, how many carbs in a banana? Is it good or bad for our diet? Find the more information as follows.

Carbs in Banana for Your Diet

1. The Carbs Amount in Banana

A medium-size banana (around 120 grams) might come with 27 grams of total carbs. It surely breaks the people's opinion that banana has no carb. Meanwhile, people mostly have bananas in their diet. For example, in Ketogenic diet, you should avoid any carbohydrates for losing weight. It is easier when you come to think that carbs are like bread, cereals and other flour and gluten food. People don't really know that carbs also comes in fruits, one of them is banana. Take a look at the comparison below.

Besides fiber and resistant starch, banana comes with carbs, potassium, vitamin B6, and manganese. Especially for unripe green bananas, they are full of better fiber and starch with some additional beneficial nutrition. Just hold the bittersweet a little bit.
To be specific, bananas come with 25 grams carbs per 10-gram serving for an average medium-sized banana.

2. The Impact on Your Diet

You should avoid bananas for your low carb, ketogenic diet because their startch will impact your blood sugars instantly and greatly. Even if you have less-sweet plantains, it still contains 30-grams carbs per serving because of their scratches.

No worries. There is another way to consume the bananas without eating them directly to avoid the carbs and sugar. Use banana extract for your recipes, such as mixing the banana into your smoothie and low carb bread, or adding it to your ice cream or waffles just to get rid of your belonging to banana flavor. Just forget about how many carbs in a banana.

The point is, carbs are actually not really hold the significant impact for your weight-loss. Moreover, losing weight is not the only purpose of healthy living. Healthy living is maintaining a healthy balance, which the best way is by learning to look past the numbers.

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