Can Diabetics Eat Bananas Without Increasing the Blood Sugar?

Due to the lack of producing insulin, diabetics should be careful in consuming some foods. Bananas seem diet-friendly because some dieticians consume them due to its high fiber. In general, the bananas pack a complete nutrient such as vitamins, fiber, carbs, sugar, and minerals. Of course, the diabetics could not resist the carbs and sugar. So, can diabetics eat bananas? How should the portion so that not risking the blood sugar? Here is the detailed information.

1. Diabetics and Bananas

Diabetics should care about what they take for a meal. Sugar and carbs are two things that they should stay away. Meanwhile, those two things are inside the banana. Carbs converted to glucose in the digestion process, then insulin helps glucose to produce energy and activate your cells. However, diabetics do not have that function, either it is because of the sluggish insulin or disables to make insulin. Therefore, in the end, the diabetics will have high blood sugar.

can diabetics eat bananas

Banana itself contains about 30 grams of carbs which is the same amount as 2 slices of bread! Dealing with the GI (glycemic index), a ripe yellow banana is considered as a low GI food because it only comes with 51 marks (based on international GI database).

2. The Solution

Based on the fact above, a banana is safe due to the low GI, but it is not good due to the high carbs and sugar content. So, can diabetics eat bananas? Yes, they still can. BUT, pay extra attention to the portion. For example, take only a half banana at 15 grams carbs with a whole sandwich at 30 grams. Or you can eat the whole banana and a half sandwich. You can do this if your carbs goal is 45 grams per meal.
To sum up, diabetes is a matter of keeping the blood sugar stable. Stick with the rules and you will be safe.

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