Where Do Bananas Come From?

You may be familiar with bananas because you can find bananas anywhere in this world. In addition, there are also some types of bananas that you can eat. However, you may not know the origins of banana. Where do bananas come from? Read this brief information related to the origins of banana.

Where Do Bananas Come From?

The Origins of Bananas

Bananas are plants which are quite close to orchid family. It is a healthy fruit that tastes sweet and delicious. Bananas have a long journey and history that first began from the forest in Southeast Asia until it becomes the most popular fruit in the world. Some experts state that this fruit was first planted by the human since before they planted rice. Banana cultivation is believed to be first performed in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. The earliest written evidence of banana existence was found in the Pali Buddhist writings of the 6th century BC, indicating that the fruit had reached India at that time.

Formerly, bananas were red and green, but today’s bananas are the result of mutation conducted by Jean Francois Poujot in 1836 in Jamaica. The Portuguese sailors first brought bananas to Europe and West Africa in the early 15th century. China was known to be the first country that cultivated bananas well. Meanwhile, American people do not recognize bananas until 1870. Lorenzo Dow Baker and Minor Keith were two persons who introduced bananas in America. Lorenzo brought bananas from Jamaica to America by vessel and then he sold the bananas in the market in New Jersey. Eventually, bananas are very popular in the US until now and there are more than 170 countries that cultivate bananas and bananas become a big role in the developing countries.

Well, where do bananas come from? Anyway, according to the explanation above, Southeast Asia was the origins of bananas where some sailors brought the bananas other countries.

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