Understanding on How Much Magnesium in a Banana

Everybody loves banana and you can even bananas in many places. Though bananas are originally from Southeast Asia, bananas can grow in other countries. This fruit is rich in nutrition and mineral. Magnesium is one of the minerals found in a banana. Maybe, you wonder how much magnesium in a banana, so let us find it out.

How Much Magnesium in a Banana

Magnesium Content in Banana

It is really easy to find out the level of magnesium in a banana because you can just browse the internet. You can use Google search engine to get the answer by simply typing a keyword “how much magnesium in a banana”, and then you will get the answer. Well, the magnesium content in a banana is actually only 27 mg per 100-gram banana. Though it is not much, this magnesium is still effective for our body. What are the functions of magnesium?

The Functions of Magnesium for Body

Magnesium is not the only mineral that our body needs when we consume foods. Somehow, magnesium is important to keep our body healthy. What are the benefits? Magnesium is able to prevent the body from asthma disease, boost the metabolism system, keep the bone density, keep the heart healthy, control the blood pressure, reduce the risk of diabetes type 2, important for pregnant women, heal a back pain, relieve stress and depression, produce collagen, and activate enzymes. Magnesium is not only found in bananas, but you can also get it from other fruits. Somehow, banana is easy to find and it is also cheap to afford. You can consume banana every to meet your magnesium daily needs.

Finally, that’s all the answer when you want to know how much magnesium in a banana. So, you are recommended to eat bananas every day so you can get enough magnesium intake which is really good for your body.

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