Knowing How Much Calcium in Banana for Our Healthy Life

Calcium is a very important substance that our body needs to develop our bone to become strong and big. Kids need to consume enough calcium in order to grow faster where they usually get from milk. Anyway. can you get calcium intake from a banana? Of course, banana is a good resource to meet your daily calcium needs. Let us find out how much calcium in banana exactly.

How Much Calcium in Banana

The Amount of Calcium in Banana

Nowadays, it is not difficult to know some substances found in fruits including in banana. You can actually find it on the internet and search it on Google. You can just type “how much calcium in banana”, and then you will get the answer. In this case, banana only contains calcium as much as 5 mg in each 100-gram banana. Though it is not much, this calcium is able to meet your calcium daily need. You can eat more bananas if only you want to get more calcium intake. What are other substances contained in a banana?

Other Substances Contained in Banana

You may only get a little amount of calcium in a banana, but you still can get other important substances in a banana. What are those elements? Some of the other elements in bananas are iron, fiber, vitamin A, protein, carbohydrate, magnesium, folate, potassium, vitamin C, sodium, niacin, and vitamin B6. However, carbohydrate is the largest content in a banana as much as 92% or 23 gram in 100 gram of banana. Meanwhile, calcium is in the fifth sequence in the quantity but it is enough for our body.

The Functions of Calcium for Body

In addition to developing and strengthening our bone, calcium also has other functions that may be needed by the body. Some of the functions are keeping the blood pressure, strengthening the teeth, helping kids grow up fast, preventing from osteoporosis, burning fat, protecting the heart muscle, preventing from kidney store, preventing from hypertension, and much more. You only need to consume some bananas every day, and then you will get all of those benefits. Moreover, you will also get the benefits from other minerals, vitamin, and substances contained in banana other than calcium.

Anyway, that’s all about how much calcium in banana that you need to know. After knowing the quantity of calcium and other substances, you probably want to eat some bananas every day. This fruit is able to make your bone strong and get other benefits for our body.

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