The Understanding of How Much Sodium in a Banana for Our Body Health

Sodium becomes an important element that we can get from some foods. We usually get sodium intake from salt, but salt is actually not the only source that contains sodium element. In fact, a banana also contains sodium naturally. Perhaps, you really want to know how much sodium in a banana. Let us talk about amount of sodium in a banana.

How Much Sodium in a Banana

Sodium Content in a Banana

The amount of sodium in a banana actually depends on the size of a banana. Usually, in 100-gram banana, there is as much as 1 mg of sodium that our body can take. The larger banana will have a bigger amount of sodium. Suppose you want to know the sodium content in a banana, you can actually check it on the internet and type, “how much sodium in a banana” on Google Search.  In addition to Sodium, There are also some other substances found in a banana such as potassium as much as 468 mg, Calcium as much as 5 mg, carbohydrate as much as 22.84 gram, Vitamin C as much as 8,7 mg, and much more.

If we compare sodium to those substances, then we can conclude that the sodium is the least one and the carbohydrate becomes the greatest one. That’s why a banana is a really good fruit to gain weight because it can meet your energy or carbohydrate needs.

The Advantages of Sodium

Sodium is really beneficial for our body health when we consume it normally, but it is not good if you consume too much sodium. After knowing how much sodium in a banana, you probably want to know the advantages of sodium for our body. Some of the benefits of sodium are helping our digestive system, increasing the heart performance, helping nutrition absorption, increasing the kidney performance, controlling the chloride acid in the abs, relieving the inflammation, stabilizing the blood sugar, preventing from excessive sweat, and protecting our brain function. Somehow, you need to control the sodium intake in our body, but when you get it from a banana, it is not a big deal because a banana only contains a small amount of sodium.

If you want to know how many calories in a banana, Let us talk about amount of calories in a banana.

Finally, that’s all you need to know about how much sodium in a banana. This sodium intake is really important for our body, but you also need to control it and do not eat too much sodium because it may endanger your metabolism system.

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