Understanding About How Much Protein In a Banana For Our Body Health

Banana is a fruit that offers so many health benefits for our body. You can consume some pieces of banana every day to meet your nutrient intake or this fruit can be a complement. There are some important substances in a banana that are good for our body including protein and carbohydrate. Somehow, you want to know how much protein in a banana exatcly. Let discuss it to get the answer.

How Much Protein In 1 Banana

The Amount of Protein in a Banana

We cannot determine exactly how much protein in a banana because it also depends on the size of the banana itself. Basically, in 100 gram banana, there is as much as 1.1 gram of protein. The larger banana you have, it also contains the bigger protein. So, if you want more protein intake, you are recommended to eat some pieces of bananas every day. Somehow, you are not recommended to eat too many bananas because it can make you fat due to the high carbohydrate content.

Protein Vs Carbohydrate in Banana

Now, you can compare it to other substances because banana does not only contain protein, but it also contains many other minerals and elements including the carbohydrate. Which one is bigger between carbohydrate and protein? Of course, carbohydrate is more dominant that protein because in a banana there as much as 92% of carbohydrate. Therefore, bananas are really good for weight gain program in order to normalize your body size.

Other Substances Contained in Banana

After knowing how much protein in a banana, you may want to know the other substances contained in banana. Of course, there are at least 15 important substances in a banana which are good for our body health. Some of the elements or substances are iron, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin b3 or niacin, sodium, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, folate acid, mangan, riboflavin, magnesium, carbohydrate, and protein. Meanwhile, protein is the third sequence in the quantity after carbohydrate and fiber.

Well, that’s all about the amount of protein in a banana that you may need to know. Though the quantity of protein in one banana is not too much, it is enough to meet your daily protein intake just in case you do not find it from other sources. Some of the people also eat bananas to increase energy due to the high quantity of carbohydrate and there are some vitamins which are good for our health.

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