Do Bananas Have Vitamin C?

It is undeniable that we can find bananas in any places in all around the world. Banana is a fruit that can grow in any wet areas. This fruit is also cheap and avaiable in traditional markets. But, not all off the people know the nutrient contained in banana. Do bananas have vitamin C? Perhaps, you are only familiar with orange that contains a lot of vitamin C. In fact, a banana also contains vitamin C despite it is not as much as orange.

Do Bananas Have Vitamin C?

The Vitamin C Contained in a Banana

Somehow, you really want to know the level of vitamin C in a banana. Of course, a banana contains vitamin C as much as 8,7 mg per 100 gram of banana. Even though it is only 8.7 mg, it may be enough to meet your vitamin C daily needs. If you want to increase the vitamin C intake from banana, then you just consume more bananas every day. In fact, vitamin C is not the only substance contained in a banana because there are many other substances you may also get from a banana

The Advantages of Vitamin C for Body

What are actually the functions of vitamin C for our body? Of course, vitamin C is an important element which we have to consume on daily basis. You may get a lot of vitamin C from orange, but banana may be enough to fulfill the need. This vitamin C is necessary to increase your immune system. In addition, it can also be a substance to avoid cancer cell, fix the skin cell tissue, increasing mood, reducing the risk of heart attack, preventing from hypertension, and much more.

Other Vitamins in a Banana

Instead of vitamin C, a banana also contains many other vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin b6, and vitamin B3. Not only vitamins, you can also get some health benefits from other substances contained in the banana such as folate, magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium, carbohydrate, and protein. Those substances are really important for our body health so that you can stay fit and healthy without consuming drugs. You only need to consume bananas regularly to meet the nutrients intake in your body.

Finally, do bananas have vitamin C? Of course, a banana contains vitamin C but it is not as much as orange. Somehow, the 8,7 mg vitamin C is enough and you can still get many other health benefits from the other substances contained in a banana.

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